Rod repairs

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Rod repairs

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Hiya all,

I have a loose spigot on my beachcaster, it is an old ABU Atlantic 484C, made in Carbon, it goes together OK, however the top section reaches right down to the bottom of the lower section spigot joint, and has a tendancy to work loose, when casting.
Do any of you guys have any ideas how to tighten up on this fault?

Best regards


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Post by Harwoody »

You could always take it t your local tackle shop, I know Newhaven Angler fixed mine and a fwe others and does a brill job. Its still great.

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Post by sniggle »

They used to sell spray on ferrule builder for sloppy roach pole joints, no idea what its called though.Temporary solution is insulation tape the joints of the rod when you set up , standard practice with the bigger fly rods.You can rub the male spigot with a candle but itll slide if its hot and glues the joint when its cold and the repair spray wont stick afterwards so if you do it once you have too keep doing it. Keep a roll of tape in the tackle bag ,repairs rings ,fix tiplights keep wobbly reels on, fix leaky brollies ,use as a plaster on line cuts, its handy stuff.

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Post by slipperyeel »

there are a few brands of that spray sniggles mentioned but the one i have is garbolino G-spray graphite/carbon spray

is a spray on protection for worn pole joints scratches and spigots.

highly flammable so if you get some make sure it is kept in a cool place and spray in a well ventilated room or best to do outside.

and as sniggle said tape is used for any quick fixes while out fishing :D



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An easy solution if you are feeling confident is to cut 1/2" off the female joint and then whip and varnish it for strength.

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I am of the same opinion, as any other option would only be temporary. keith

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