Trying Bass Fly Fishing

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Trying Bass Fly Fishing

Post by Smokey2 » Fri Aug 24, 2012 7:19 pm

Hi all I am a newbie so treat me kindly. i have been a chalk stream dry fly fisherman for years, and I am looking at fly fishing for Sea Bass. Currently have a Greys full flex 9-0 with a 1x leader and 6 weight line that I am going to use.

I know that I should probably use a 9/8 but currently do not want to buy another Rod and line and I know my Greys is not salt water friendly so all under the hose after I return. So the following questions:

Do you see problems with my Rod/line

I assume rightly or wrongly it will be sinking fly?

Should I go for a Beach cast rod with Portsmouth rig instead?

How long will the season run with Fly?

I am just off Blandford so plenty of areas to choose from

Many thanks in advance


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Post by rabbi2 » Fri Aug 24, 2012 7:33 pm

I have moved this to the saltwater flyfishing section in the hope of you getting a quick response.
keith :D :D

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Post by Iknowagoodplaice » Fri Aug 24, 2012 8:20 pm

I fish for trout too and took up sea fly fishing. To be honest a 6 weight soft rod is not really suitable for bass, though would be okay for mullet with smaller flies, provided the wind isn't too strong. Wind is the big problem with coastal fly fishing.

A fast 8 or 9 is better for casting bass flies, though some use lighter I believe.

Not sure what you mean by Portsmouth rig in context of fly fishing.

May to Sept is usual bass fly time, though depends on weather.

(Incidentally, we never say sea bass, just as we don't say sea cod.)

Should be able to find more info trawling the web. Good luck. It's a change from trout.

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Post by Smokey2 » Sun Aug 26, 2012 8:54 am

Thank you for the comments.

Sea Bass in Encyclopaedia Britannica good enough for me.

The reference to the Portsmouth rig and Beach rod was if this may be more fruitful/fun. Would not like to fly cast a PR !!!!!.

Well always one to suck it and see, I took the 9/6 rod set up down to the Coast.

Gentle on shore breeze and no problems,got out to about 20 metres which was more than needed.tried shooting head and weight forward lines both fine.

Had a great time off the rocks and shore.No takes but fun experimenting

Met a Guy who had caught a 9lb Sea Bass on a fly and another who had caught 81 so far this year with a Beach rod

So will run till around end Oct with the Fly rod and also purchase a ShakespeareXT Bass.

Thank you once again off now to stalk Wild brown Trout .

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