Medway boat only cod 2011 update.

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Medway boat only cod 2011 update.

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Well just an uptdate on RNLI boat only cod competition on the Sunday 20th November.
We have had lots of interest in this years comp with boats coming over from the southend side and dinghys being launched and also the boats from the medway it's looking really good and positive.
The entry forms have been taken from all the tackle shops which i had listed on my first post and i have also sent by post and emailed lots more.
If you are having a problem getting to one of those shops please let me know and i will send you one.
If you have got them and you have your crew sorted for the day please get them dropped into one of the shops so i can get around and collect them so we can get sorted with the prizes and its not such a mad rush.
All entrys have to in 1 WEEK prior to the event and late entrys will not be accepted im afraid.
We hope we have lots of entrys because it is for a good cause.

If you need to more infomation about the competition please look in the sticky at the top of the page in the south east part.

All the best Steve


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this is now a sticky
cheers steve

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