I know its quiet....

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I know its quiet....

Post by macer » Thu Apr 21, 2011 10:23 pm

I know the Thames is quiet and I have not been able to get out dangling much since moving home but has anyone fished our beloved OJ lately??

Cheers macer :D


Post by joliroger » Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:32 am

Quiet.....................why its almost silent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:)

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Post by emenwhu » Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:25 pm

Been a couple of times in the last 3 weeks and very quiet and the ladder to get on has gone. It's not getting any easier to get on there fullstop, several steps on the way up looking a little precarious. Certainly not fishing well enough at mo to merrit the long walk.
Been told things are a little better down river after the Pier but still abit scratchy..


Post by joliroger » Wed Sep 21, 2011 7:08 am

Still quiet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Post by kopitecol » Wed Sep 21, 2011 5:17 pm

shhhhhh......i am trying to sleep!

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Post by Ilurvmatthayes » Sun Aug 25, 2013 7:38 pm

Kopite said sssshhhhhhhh- he's trying to sleep.
I think everyones on a very long holiday

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Post by maddmick » Tue Oct 22, 2013 8:15 pm

Wow not been out for a year and my last post is still on the first page where is everyone ??

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Post by stroodsue » Mon Oct 06, 2014 5:51 pm


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