Fishing in Padstow

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Fishing in Padstow

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1st post, i am new to sea fishing, so any advice greatly appreciated, i am spending a day in Padstow, in 2 weeks, i am thinking of fishing the harbour walls, has anyone fished this harbour? what is the best method/rig to fish, i was thinking of using one rod with a float and bait up off the floor and the other rod fishing straight through so bait hits the floor. as i have no car my places will be limited.
any advice would be welcome.

it would help with a subject, i'm still learning

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Hi there, Not the best time of year to start actually because the low water temperatures limit the variety and number of fish around. I am sure there will be some mullet in your area but they virtually hibernate until May unless we have an early warm spell. There could be a few dabs about on sandy bottoms in which case you need small hooks and baits of almost anything on the bottom. They can sometimes come in quite close on a rising tide so a cast of 50-80 yds will find them if they are there. Not familiar with your area but suspect there will be mackerel and pilchards when the weather warms up. Then will be the time (May-August) to try the float fishing with the bait about 18 inches down. If you can get near an estuary or harbour entrance you should be able to find some bass as the year goes on but don't forget that the take home size for bass is about 16 inches. Depends what your local fisheries officers are like but it is not worth risking the fine in my opinon and most decent anglers return small bass anyway. Have a look at this website, quite educational for a beginner:

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Welcome to the site. If you dont catch, join the club, then pop of to Rick Stein's place on the harbour. Great fish and chips, even if it is a bit expensive...Seriously though this is a really busy port, dont take your eyes off your gear. May get pulled in! I got some pictures of padstow somewhere, will post them if I can remember how to do it.

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