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Posted: Mon Nov 01, 2010 5:51 pm
by dontcatchmuch
just thought it might be an idea to have a list of disabled and those with mobility problems so if your of us please put your name and area down

Posted: Mon Nov 01, 2010 5:52 pm
by dontcatchmuch
dontcatchmuch (steve)
medway / croydon

Posted: Mon Nov 01, 2010 8:14 pm
by rabbi2
Rabbi2 (keith)

Blackburn / Lancs.

Posted: Mon Nov 01, 2010 9:57 pm
by gynewguy
I have'nt but willing to take someone next year!


wheelchair user.

Posted: Sat Nov 06, 2010 11:20 am
by freetime
I am a wheelchair user or crutches on short distance. Been sea angler for so many years Now i have the time to go fishing it's almost imposable for me to get to the marks i want. Bought my own boat this year so will be able to fish from her any time i want. boat has two berth cabin, toilet,cooker for bacon rolls, fishfinder,nav lights ,etc, plenty of room for 3 to fish in comfort.

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 1:33 pm
by beefy
Brian (Beefy)
have spinal and leg problems so cant get out that far, i do drive, but only for about an hour.

Posted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 7:52 pm
by Mick99
crazyaxfords (Mick)

from Kent Like Beefy I have spinal and leg probs

Posted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 8:06 pm
by manic_muppet
Hi, everyone knows most of my problems, at the moment im not too bad, providing its not a long drive or walk, but in a few months i might not be able to drive, so help would be appreciated.
Mick, Bradford west yorkshire.

PS, wlelcome to the forum Mick99

disabled forum

Posted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 11:11 pm
by Snagger
Hi Steve,

as I believe you know I too have mobility problems, arthritis knees and feet

+ lower back and neck problems let alone my bloody shoulder so cant walk

too far or stand for too long.

but I do drive and get out fishing as much as possible.

Tim B-)

Posted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 10:35 pm
by Salfordian
Salfordian (Chris) I have Psoriatic Arthritis..

Driffield/East Riding of Yorkshire

Posted: Tue Mar 08, 2011 3:18 pm
by silver
Preston, lancs

Posted: Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:34 pm
by chameleon
keen experienced angler based in Rhyl area with own transport

Posted: Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:51 pm
by silver

Posted: Sun Mar 18, 2012 3:46 pm
by mabmickyoneleg
Hi I`m Mick from Derbyshire. I have a few issues following a serious RTA, mainly spinal and lower limbs......due to be lower LIMB later this year as the worst damaged leg`s coming off. Mainly fish the Lincs coast.


Posted: Sat Jun 22, 2019 11:32 am
by GrumpyGaz
Hiya, I'm Gary, Live in Ashton- under- lyne.

I have fibro and arthritis helped along by an unstable back injury. Long walks, climbing rock marks and heavy gear are problems. I need a stick for anything over 20 meters or so or I can fall down which although funny can be a right pain in the arse and several other areas.

Happy to drive, will be fishing the Fylde coast and Mersey estuary in the main with the odd trip to Cumbria. I can do two trips a month. Beach fishing is my thing but am happy enough around boats and know a cleat from a sheet if anyone needs help launching and landing a boat. A seat in the stern would be ample payment.

I had my fist beach trip in 15 years last week to the Gynn wall and despite loads of weed I caught a little Dover sole, a first for me.

Hope to meet some of you out and about

Cheers ;-)