All topics in this forum will be related to sea fishing for the Disabled.
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right where do i start ,(A BIG WELCOME ) i thought it maybe a good idea to have a desinated disabled forum rather than a section in every area forum (all the eggs in one basket) makes them easy to find .
the aim of this forumis to help with the needs of disabled anglers regestered or not ,as haveing that little blue badge is not the thing that makes you disabled theres a lot more to it than that .so to put it blunt if youve got one leg or just find it hard to walk ,got asmar ,got arthritus or even just mature in age this is for you to use in conjuntion with the other forums .
1/ easy access marks .
could you please list any easy access marks that you know and please includ a post code if known ,the avalible parking and how far it is away as this is quite inportaint as the mark it.s self maybe easy to fish from but if you have to park 500 yards down the road well ,also the nearest tackle shop etc basicly as much info as you can .
2/if you drive .
if you are a driver and could and would be prepaired to offer a lift to someone not quite so mobile as yourself please put your name down and the area your in, if possible your town or village if you dont mind this way a member in need can see anybody near them or you could always post the date your going and ask if anyone would like to come.
3/charter boats.
name and contact details of charter boats that cator for disabled anglers .
4/ those that would like help.
please put your name and area down town or village if you can so that you can be contacted if someone can offer a lift out for a days fishing.
please dont be affraid to offer or ask for help cos at the end of the day were all hear cos we love our fishing .
as time goes on i will be puting up more about this forum so please bear with me as im new to all this
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have already posted some easy acces marks

tight lines

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Well done to BCM and Mrix for this specific forum,

Having fished with DCM in the past i think his enthusiasm for the sport and his desire to keep up with us more abled bodied is a credit to himself.

i will sift through some of my pics when i get chance and post what i can

Good luck and may all those from other forums please put what they can so we can again make this a knowledgable and useful forum on out N01 site.


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I have Psoriatic Arthritis, and have good days and bad days! I think this forum is a great idea..

Keep up the good work :)



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firstly thank you for the positive responce to this new forum
i have put a few stick headings up now so please have a look and if you can please reply . if any of you think of any other subjects then please pm me with them as have ive said before im new to this and realy want this forum to work .the basic idea of this forum is so that disabled anglers can go to it and look for info all in one place .just for an exsample the person may live in the west and know of easy access marks or somebody offering help in that area ,but may be going to visit another area they would then only have to take a look and there is the info they need .so disabled or not please have a look and post if you can. it would be nice to see a few more name of disabled / less mobile anglers so as to get some idea of how many there are of us on this site . there is a heading for this
cheers steve


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Fantastic idea Steve,i'm sure it'll be a big success.



disabled forum

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Well done Steve,
keep up the good work,
Tight Lines,
Tim B-)

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