Sea Fishing Competiton - Arbroath

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Sea Fishing Competiton - Arbroath

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Fished in the open at Arbroath on Sunday. Fished a mark called Megs Craig, which usually fishes not to bad when the sea and conditions were as near perfect as they could have been, landed three codling total weight 5lb,and thought I was doing alright, not nearly heavy enough for any of the prizes, the winning weight was near 25 kg of cod, thats right...25kg thats 55lb, goes to show you that local knowledge is a powerfull tool to have.
Anyway had a great time, caught some fish,had a beer or three and the crack was good what more could a man want...... :lol:
Cheers Mark

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Sounds like a great dayout to me :wink: ............. and thinking about it thats where all the Cod have gone :lol:

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did that comp a few years ago got sod all you did well m8 if you have a load of fishing mates theres a boat there that will take you out in almost all weathers it will take about 20 persons thoe.

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Sound like a nice days fishing. Shame I didn't have time to go myself. :(

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hi all looks a kanny forum why iv posted in this topic is because im after sum advice im from the north east and fish for a club. We have our away match next weekend at arbroath and havent a clue where to fish could any of you guys on here point me in the right direction??
thanks :)

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how is sunny ol Arbroath these days then?? i used to live there am down in kent now been a while since i been back is the town any busier??

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