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New to boat fishing and questions to ask...

Posted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:26 am
by Chubfrenzy
Basically i have finally got the speed boat to work and want to do a bit of fishing from it.
I know a speed boat might not be the best boat but im planning on going in a few weeks and just want some decent fish.
My main question is:
I dont have a fish finder and dont really want to buy one.....
I am on the kent coast and i have noticed there are some old war sea forts and wind turbines..... Any good??????
Many thanks
Oh yeah also what fish will be there and how do i catch em??
Thanks for replies
Sorry for exam

Posted: Thu Jul 01, 2010 6:51 am
by rabbi2
A fishfinder is not the be all and end all although its handy to avoid sandbanks at low water as most have a depth sounder incorporated in them. I would start off with a 3 hook flapper with a 1/0 hook on the bottom for the flatties and 2/0 hooks above. The reason I say this is that with a speedboat I dont think you will be going far out. The weight I would sugest is 5 to 6oz and if the is a stong tidal low then trot your weoght out so as to cover more ground without having to move the boat.

Any of the usual baits such as lug, rag, mackerel, squid and mussel are all reccomended. I dont think its wise to fish near the windfarms as Im not sure if they are no go area's but someone else may avise you on this.
Best of luck.
keith :D :D