Charter Boat Fishing Trip for me and my mates

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Charter Boat Fishing Trip for me and my mates

Post by Pinky »

Hi Everyone

I'm looking for some advice please....

My mates are asking me to try to organise a charter boat trip for us all... I'd like an idea of prices and when would be best... I've not been out fishing on a boat since i was 15 so been a while (11 years) so have no idea about prices of best times of year and all that apart from the basics...

We are basically looking for a good day out catching plenty of fish... maybe wrecking for pollock and what have you or something like that..

I'm not sure on the numbers yet so would need a all round figure for the price including rods/reels/tackle and bait

I know it is very late for booking this year and most are probably booked up already but booking for next year if required would be fine and would need to be out of Portsmouth.


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Post by AndyH »

Hi Pinky,

I would give Rob Hicken on 'Sea Juicer' a call Phone number is 07919102069

He is a good skipper and does offer a different variety of trips.

Andy H.

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Post by tokai »

Hi - is a good source for finding boats and prices.

All the best,


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