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safety first

Post by nthendpompey »

hi guys what safety equipment would i need for fishing my local harbour areas,ie flares jackets.what would be a suitable life jacket for active fishing.cheers guys

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Post by jacko69 »

the best advice i can give is you should go to the local lifeboat station and they will be happy to help and advise you, but on my boat i carry 4 life jackets (not boyancy aids) an inshore flare pack and most importantly 2 vhf radios 1 fixed 1 hand portable you do need to be licenced to operate these although i do know a lot of people the dont obtain licences wich is illigal

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Post by Samir02392 »

To be honest even if your not licensed I would think its better to carry one than not in case of an emergency situation :D Im not condoning illegal activities though!!

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Post by rabbi2 »

The Vhf test is quite straight forward and easily passed. The main thing is to learn the phonetic alphabet, learn how to put out a distress call, (mayday) learn how to put out a call for assistance (pan),and be able to give your location. Always inform the coastguard of your intended area that you wish to fish and that your estimated time of arival back at the slipway, not forgetting to inform them when you have arrived back safe and sound.

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