HP required for water skiing

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HP required for water skiing

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Hi Guy

Perhaps a little out of topic on a fishing site...but Im sure I'm not the only boat owner who is keen to try other sports.

I know this might be a little early to be thinking about the up comming summer...... but...... probably the best time to buy towable toys while they are cheeper.

We are looking to do a little water skiing / tubing and was wondering if my boat has the grunt.

I've got a little 1995 Dolphin 17 (very similar in shape to a Shetland 570 possible a little ligter) with a 2 stroke 60hp Mariner on the back.

Last year I reduced the pitch of my prop from a 14 aluminium to a 12 stainless and this has made a HUGE differance to popping onto the plain. This also allowed the engine to rev up to WOT rather than the pathetic 4600 it was getting.

Also does anyone know of some sheltered spots in and around the South East where this is allowed. I have the boat trailered and usually go down to Newhaven for fishing but coming from london, essex and kent are also within reach.


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steve i used to have a wilson flyer 18ft with a 55hp mariner on it and believe me it had plenty of grunt to tow with so i cant really see you having much problems and as long as your insurance covers you newhaven is fine for it as thats where i and many others used to tube and ski

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