Installing Electrics.

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Installing Electrics.

Post by seaangler »

Hi All,
Im yet again in need of some help, if you have read my other threads on here then you will know i have just bought a cjr fishing boat which im re-painting at the moment, which may i say is going very good:), but now for the hard and confusing part (for me anyway) apart from the engine and steering which is fine and is all working i have no other electrics in the boat and was thinking about how im gunna install a cd player and gps in the boat with no electrics. Ive looked all over the internet about how to do it but with no luck, So im hoping (fingers crossed) that someone on here would be able to help me on what to get/do?

Thank you all in advance.

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Post by rabbi2 »

Basically connect a 12 volt twin wire to your battery, lead this wire completely out of the way and teminate it to a waterproof fuse box and the take you equipement from their.
Cheers keith :D :D

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Post by jacko69 »

what you need is a decent leisure battery about 110ah a fuse box a roll of red and black wire min 8amp and a conector box,
1, find some where to fit and secure your battery

2, fix the fuse box and conector box to the back of your steering console

3, take the red and black wire fix the red wire to the fuse box then loop between each fuse then fix the black wire to the conector block and loop as with the fuse box

4, fix the other end of the red and black wire to the battery using battery terminals

diagram to be added shortly
hope this helps

Dave :D
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Post by hammyloz »

lol as above

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