Safety at Sea

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Safety at Sea

Post by jacko69 »

Why is it that safety at sea seems to come second in a lot of small boat owners considerations? I spend a lot of time around my local harbour and its unbeleavable the amount of boats i see setting of for a days fishing or a bit of pleasure crusing with kids onboard without the site of a single life jacket or boyancy aid in site a lot dont even have a vhf radio or flares onboard either, is life not worth a few quid getting the right safety equiptment and making sure the you and every one is safe when setting out.
If your unsure on what you need for your boat then get a local RNLI station to conduct a sea check it costs nothing and only take an hour and they will put you on the right track to safety plus you get a sticker to prove the its been done and in some cases it can reduce the cost of your insurance premiums

Dave [/b]

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Post by mrix »

People are just ignorant sometimes when it comes to safety :(
Some people just dont realise how dangerous the sea can be :-O
Unfortunately I dont think some realise until its too late :(

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Post by rabbi2 »

As well as upseting regular boat owners it must really touch a nerve when Lifeboat volunteers see the same thing day after day.

I dont know wether its ignorence or an attitue that "Oh well if I get into trouble theres always someone to bale me out" X( X( X( X( X(

There should be a charge for getting irisponsable folk out of trouble, after all just see what it costs to get towed off the Motorways.

keith :D

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Post by peteo »

Hi dave i volunteer for the RNLI and as mentioned in a previous post a Sea Safety Check is available to anyone for free, all the info is on our web site. Unfortunately most children are aware of the dangers as we visit many schools across the country explaining sea safety and showing rescue demos. its their parents like you said that put them at risk. Some people are put off from having a check, it is not an MOT it is purely safety advice. There should be a law about unsafe craft as there is with cars. you can book online for a check or ring your regional office and they will put you intouch with one of us. as mentioned you do get a little sticker to say you have had a check, also a cd rom with loads of info. Pete

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Post by hammyloz »

i for one am very safe at sea i have my flares a grab bag(which is waterproof and floats) with a handheld vhf and mobile and 2 flares and 2 bottles of water in it, my built in vhf and i as my passengers will always wear lifejackets anyone that says no they dont go afloat on my boat also i have just had my FREE sea check done 2 weeks ago and passed with flying colours except for the halon extinguisher in the engine compartment lol to book your FREE seacheck go to this thread in fact peteo it was a thread started by yourself
guys safety at sea is sooooo important an in my opinion if you flout on safety then for gods sake stay at home
i too think there should be an annual fee for the RNLI just like we do for cars,they do such a brilliant job(i have used them twice in 4 years) and im always donating to them in fact i am waiting to hear about working on the all weather life boat

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