thorpe bay

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thorpe bay

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Having got over half way through the school holidays & still not been fishing I finally got organised to go on saturday morning.

Went out and had a back breaking two hours digging bait - including bending my fork I mangaged to get 25 or so decent king rag.

high tide at 9.00am on saturdat so I got down the beach around 5.30 to set up - perfect morning for a fishing session except no one told the fish! 3 hours later having not had a bite all morning I put the final few scraps of worms onto a hook & cast out for the final time, Left the rig out there whilst I packed all my other tackle away ready to head home.

Then wound in second rod, was aware of a little movement in the line side to side as I wound in. Rig finally reached the beach to reveal a 4 inch bass had taken the scraps!!!

At leat it saved the blank

not much of holiday left but want to get out somewhere & catch a fish or two worth keeping

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Post by smallfry »

well done on getting out and a fish is a fish lol
cheers ian

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Have not been able to fish much this year, but everytime has been pants, aprat from a few decent flounders and one nearly keepable Bass its been crap.

I have fished nights, days...good weather bad weather and its been rubbish?

Last year I was catching Bass Keepers every time.... was very good mainly at night though? with mixed weather, whats happened... I have noticed that there is a lot of weed, more so than I have seen in the 19 years I've been fishing Southend, Thorpebay and Shoebury beaches.

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