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Back to Gravesend

Post by palmtopman »

Having recently returned from a week in Camber Sands and having re-started my hobby, I fished Hastings a few times.

Now back home in Gravesend, I fished a few hours in Gravesend and was pleased! :-) I fished 2hrs up and 1hr down on the stretch of the Thames between St Andrews Church and the 3 Daws Pub. Luckily grabbed one of the 6-7 free parking spaces on the main road (West Street/A226, on the one way sys).
On this occasion, I fished furthest on the left, two rods, one with 2 hook paternoster, 4oz breaker with lug: which picked up an undersized Flounder and a Sole and the other single hook ledger, 4oz breaker with squid: which picked up a reasonable sized Eel, which surfaced but then unhooked itself! doh! At least I didn't blank. Talking to other anglers, they had like me, Sole/Flounder/Eels.
Good news talking to a regular local and having a quick look at low tide, the shopping trolley etc snags have been removed. Although did loose one rig, on one snag a bit further out which I didn't see at low water.
As for this location, which is absolutely great as a comfortable and convenient spot to fish, BAD NEWS... there is talk about the owner of the Canal Basin planning to moor barges along this stretch of river; however, talking to a local tackle store, he didn't think that this would happen as underneath only 1' of mud, is solid chalk. We shall see..... I sincerely hope we don't loose this ideal stretch of river for angling, as I for one plan several sessions there in the Summer, through Autumn into Winter.
Interested to hear of any other catches from this location?

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Post by fishingnuts95 »

When i go, usually my dad, dad's mate and I, we park at the ship and lobster pub and walk along the wall then about another 10 minutes past the sand/concrete pier. Never that great last time all 3 of us blanked however 2 guys no less than 20 yards to our right had around 15 sole between them! Thats fishing for you though!


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Never actually fished that bit but always see anglers there,and the times i've stopped and chatted, most have reported similar catches along with sole and bass and there was a big Mullet caught right next to the pier.Look forward to more reports from you now you're back in the swing.


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Post by macer »

Great report and thanks for posting

Cheers macer :D

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