4th Thames Charity League Match (RESULT)

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4th Thames Charity League Match (RESULT)

Post by Snagger »

Hi all,

what can I say, everybody caught fish yesterday but not where we were


7 of us turned up at the venue eventually as we all got lost except for Tinny

as he had fished there before unlike the rest of us, it was a complete

nightmare to find yet now we know where it is it's pretty straight forward.

Anyway, it was a lovely day and we all fished our sox off without so much as

a bite between us, thanks to all that came and added to the charity, and a

big thank you to Lenny for picking me up again, also to Telboy for picking

up Steve, I look forward to seeing you all at the next comp + hope we

have a better catch rate as it can't get any worse .

I will just Finnish off with a few pics from the day.

1st pic is of Steve (DCM), as you can see he was so enthusiastic just

couldn't take his eye's of his rods

Tinny was rushed off his feet as you can see

Lenny was chilling out as he watched the lack of bites


Tony looking for a fish but to no avail

I didn't get a separate pic of Bob bt he is in the group shot's

Tinny left early so is not in the group pic's.



Once again thanks to all that attended

Keep Em Tight,

Tim B-)


Post by dontcatchmuch »

hi all firstly i must say cheers to telboy cos without him i wouldent have been able to have a snoozzzzzzzz on the beach :D :D :D :D :D .but if the truth be known i was just looking down counting the pebles on the beach. as tim says it was a good day apart from no fish. it was good to put another face to a name ie tiny. at the end of the day the main thing is a few more bob for the rnli
cheers steve


4th charity match

Post by ducker »

hi guys
first of all a big thank you for turning up to support a great charity the rnli
sorry there was no fish but this does happen better luck at the next one as there was no winner for the sweep it was agreed and donated to the rnli fund which total was

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Post by tinny »

Nice report tim thanks for a great day ,it was very nice to see you chaps again ,am going on holiday thursday for a few weeks look forward to the walton match, already got some crab for the smoothies tight lines


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Post by rabbi2 »

Great to see Steve again in his usual pose :D :D >:) >:) >:)
Shame it was after I had left your neck of the woods as I would have love to have attended. :(( :((
Well done to all of you but I thought this was all about fish and not the rouges gallery lol :D :D >:) >:) >:)

Well done on any monies raised for a good cause >:D< >:D< >:D<
keith :D :D


5th Thames Estuary Charity League Match

Post by Snagger »

Hi Tinny,

Look forward to seeing you there mate, your name is now on the list.

Hi Keith,

Would have been nice to see you at one of our meets, maybe if you are in

this neck of the woods at a later date we could have a meet up and wet our


Tim, B-)

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