[b]Reports ?[/b]

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[b]Reports ?[/b]

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Hi all,
Just giving you all a local report. 3rd april, east tilbury wall HT 14:08(got down there too early forgot to add on the hour :D ) fished with lug on one rod and sandeel on the other, all fish on lug x5 flounder one was a clonker!
x1 whiting 4ins and a nice little schoolie at the end.
Again plenty of good bites but hooked about 70% using size 4 aberdeens any size up and miss more bites.
This report took me 5mins to type,yes im a bit slow :D my point being that i dont see enough local reports and if so its normally the usual suspects, you know who you are.
Even if you blank, what about the fellow next to you?
Over a period of a week maybe 100+ people will view this thread,why not reply with a report if you fished recently.

Tight lines all!!! :D :D :D [/b]

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I myself read all reports whenever possible although they may not be relevant to my area. You must remember that Guests also read reports but are unable to reply being non form members, so although you may have many views they may not be from members or your local area chaps.
Keith :D :D

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