2nd Charity league match

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Thanks Snagger.. I will defiantly be at the next one...even if I have to walk...Shame it was a night fish. That impedes the conversation.....Well maybe for some...All I could hear coming from my right, is lots of use of the "C" word....:D Seriously though, it was a shame we couldn't talk more....

I would love to see the inside of your box snagger (ooooeeeerrrr). I saw you used some black line for you rig body? Also I noted you have a really cool way of holding your weights....I think I am going to get myself a Seat box..



2nd Thames \charity League Match

Post by Snagger »

Hi Smurf,

do I detect a spy in the camp, I bet you've got a microfilm of the inside of my

Tackle box, but seriously, you are more than welcome to stick your head in it

but a will be sitting on it at the time =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =))

Oh the secrets I keep in there mate.

speak soon.

Tim B-)


2nd charity match

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hi tim
cracking report matey cant stop laughing about the old frog that pic when he was asleep looks like tha fella out of the last of the summer wine


cheers ducker

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no len he looks like the grinch lol :D :D had a fault with the venues that are far away why dont we all chip in and get a mini bus firm take us i recon more people could come

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firstly sorry from myself for not being able to make this meet as had a good excuse sir's the misses was offered a weekend away in a hotel and i werent going to let her down lol also got a few probs with the car that ill iron out at the end of the month so ill be at the next 1,, well done to snagger for winning the night over all,, happy birthday to captian cabbis also well done for all that attended, TIM that roy photo has had me chuckling for a while also that sort of bird werent what sat on my face lmao

see you all soon

defending champion

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Brilliant report tim photos are top notch ??? but please dont ever take any of me ....once again a great night even though i came last..... will remember to bring tea bags next time cabbus and ducker cheers to all



2nd Thames \charity League Match

Post by Snagger »

Hi Simon,

I look forward to whipping your arse at the next comp so hurry up and get

that old Jalopy of yours sorted,

Tim B-)

( Defending Runner up 2010 ) :D :D :D :D

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Post by Cabrat »

Leader board has been updated with all the points
1st Place Snagger
2nd place Tony
3rd Place ME ME ME ME ME ME what more can i say

i beat the so called french fish god aston what more can I say lol
=)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =))

Well done to all the guys who made it and you got some catching up to do if you didn't
Next time please can u all bring pens as pencils on wet paper made it hard to decypher some of the score cards.

Cheers Cabrat

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