This Years Charity league Competitions.

Please only post topics related to fishing the Thames Estuary in this forum only.
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Post by edwards73 »

tinny ill borrow your polish to do mine iv got from last year lol,,, orford island (cod) session,

but you will find a number of east coast venues are main for autum winter sport, or sometimes for bass like languard point

as ya got holland haven

st osyth

as the more venues you use pending where they are will get others to come along, like if you do 1 in the south east and then more up north more members from different forums will join in as we all know (at cabbis expence) its a great laugh, and nothing seriours just a great day night or evening fishing



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Post by Cabrat »

I'm sure we will venture a couple of times much further afield than last year on the quest fo fun and fishing.
East coust south coast.
Just keep the ideas coming with the guide to times and places etc

Cheers Guys

Yes Simon you will be challenged this year we gave you a head start last year.


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