10th Charity match is Orford on 11th December

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Post by edwards73 »

good idea roy, just need a show of hands

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Post by tinny »

I agree with Dave sometime in January would suit me just fine.On the 11th I will give Deal another bash good luck to all you chaps that might fish Walton see you at the boat comp

tight lines


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Post by telboy25 »

yep january sounds good to me mate when in jan you think it be

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Post by Cabrat »

if u guys want to meet up then so be it

Sorry i cant make it due to other issues (Work and family)

But will look at sorting out the next charity match for January Guys..



walton pier

Post by Snagger »

Hi all,

if the 10th charity match is having a venue change to Walton Pier I will be

able to go as I can just drop a line over the side, due to my shoulder

operation last month I cant cast a rod.

So please let me know if this match will be at Walton Pier as I would love to

be there.

See you at the boat comp,

Tim. B-)

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Post by aston74 »

we all know you cant cast =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =))

the birdsnests everytime you fish proves that

i bet plonking it over the side you will still get over runs.....or lots of snags =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =))

i think a jolly boys outing to walton before xmas is a must


10th charity match

Post by Snagger »


I noticed that you have asked for information on a casting instructor so that

just tells me how good you are mate =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =))

Tim B-)


charity match

Post by ducker »

hi roy

i agree we should have a jolly boys day out before xmas count me in


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