Sorry Folks..

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Sorry Folks..

Post by stroodsue »

well i have put this off long enough.

I am sorry to say i will NOT be organising a competition between the South East side and the Thames Estuary side this October/November.

I/We Tom and myself haven't been able to get out fishing much this year at all because of my damned arthritis grrr standing for long times isn't doing me any good whatsoever.. you may have noticed no posts from me in ages!!

anyway i am sorry but if someone else wants to get on with it GREAT!!!

for once i must start putting ME first! i hope you all understand!

Sue xxxx

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Post by macer »

I think I can say on behalf of the Thames that we fully understand and yes you should put yourself first for once lol

Hope you get well enough to get out and have a dangle again and perhaps for another charity match in the future??

You never know the Thames might score a "hat-trick" and scoop the trophy for a third time >:) >:)

Cheers macer :D


Post by joliroger »

It will be a shame co's it seemed to be quite popular :( but it can't be helped if you are not well....... as you say you must consider your own health :D

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