How do I catch gar 'n' mullet from southend peir!

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How do I catch gar 'n' mullet from southend peir!

Post by Gavthechav »

I need help!!!!! what are the best methods and baits to catch gar and mullet from the peir. Also do I need to fish at the head

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Post by jedcop »

ok this is what you do ......
you get 9ft of line put a uni link at one end then put a crimp on then a small bead then a small swivel then a another crimp,do this three times in you have three swivells moving freely.ok three feet from the uni link tight the first crimp then leave a bit of space then tight the other crimp the other side of the swivel. then another three feet do the same again.then again,so you end up with three swivels between the crimps.for the snoods i would make them about two feet in length then put a size six hook on the end of each snnod,you now have a rig which i have used many,many times

p.s i said 9ft trace but when you start it might be a good idea to make it a bit longer to allow for the swivel at the top of the rig which will join the main line.................jedcop

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Post by geordiesandman »

so a big 3 hook flapper then?

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Mullet rig

Post by raydo123 »

For mullet tie a small two hook flapper on very light line (about 10lb clear line is plenty) small carp hooks size 6 are great , the trick is to lower the rig down in the bay area at the end of the pier (fish inside the pier) use a small bomb weight with no grips or you will get snagged .. drop it down till you hit the bottom and then reel up a couple of turns, its best to either rest the rod on something or hold it as the bites are fast and easy to miss. Use sand rag or cockle or mackerel flesh for bait and hang on, mullet fight like crazy.

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Post by essexkenny »

Best way would be to join in with a lot of the locals,

Buy a 20 od foot boat, pay for your lisecnses, by a set of nets to fit to your boat, and proceed to tow your nets up and down within all of the areas that hold any fish and rape the estuary of its fish.

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