Last week in the Thames

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Raydo............ :D Firstly the thornback WoW!!! looking at all of the picture including the chair and part of a persons leg, i would suggest you contact Guinness book of records!! that has to be the heaviest....smallest fish ever caught ;) i would like to be the first to congratulate you on this truly abnormal fish.

Guy's sensor me if you wish but at the end of the day the latest statement regarding these fish is total ..................yes we have all stepped in it at one time in our lives.

I just wish people would be more responsible, lot's of people think it but it needs some one to say it. :-S

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well done raydo123 with thos fish, when you next do a photo put something that we can all scale from ie reel, beer can something that we all no. again well done

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well done on the fish,not much been comming out in the thames lately due to the spratts,any chance of telling us where abouts in the thames you were fishing,was you down river from southend,reason i'm asking is that i'm going out next week,wasn't sure wether to go up river towards mucking or to go to black tail,

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due to the sensitive nature of the post and comments this is under consideration for locking. please keep it polite and consider your responses.

if i thought the pics of the fish were under size i would have no qualms in removing the post completely

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Understand the sensitivity of the comments..
Any further pictures will have something to reference the size against.
The mackerel was caught exceptionaly late in the season and was a large one. But I know I cannot prove it!!
Anyway, I have promised a few of you a trip out on my boat so you will be able to see the size of my engine cover!
This bag of fish was caught on the Kent side of the river on the Medway approaches very near the Montomery- a wartime ammunition ship..
The fishing went dead a couple of days later.. and I can confirm it is still dead.. So if you are thinking of going DONT!!

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