Mackerel in Sussex???

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Mackerel in Sussex???

Post by Harwoody »

Does anyone know if theres mackerel in numbers near Newhaven?

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Post by RobTheRadish »

Theres been loads in Rye bay lately, especially when theres a high tide and the suns out and the seas flat. The birds have been going crazy and the white bait have been "beaching" themselves to get away! I think Rye bay is around 20 miles along the coast from Newhaven tho. Rob.

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Post by skafloc »

Caught several with my son the other weekend from Newhaven Fort and he has had the odd one while walking along the beach at Eastbourne too - Just enough to keep him happy as we had blanked so many times he was about to give up. Was nice to see them back and frothing the water at Newhaven a couple of times.

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