Admiralty Pier 21.06.08

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Admiralty Pier 21.06.08

Post by Asbo »

Me and a friend set off for a long fishing session on saturday off the Admiralty pier with high hopes of a nice smut and maybe a decent bass....we arrived about 5 and could see the usual makerel bashers on the first half so prepered ourselves to run the gauntlet of flying feathers,discarded fishing tackle,bbq's,children and the like (you get the picture) the decent few English folk who moved rods etc this dosnt apply obviously,any hoo we finally made it to the end and started to fish....plaqued by pouting from the start things didnt look good,a few doggies later and still nothing decent,left about 4 in the morning i guess...although the fishing was poor we had a laugh and met some funny dudes from dover...the biggest down side to the day was the bucket loads of undersized fish being kept and cooked on the pier,i know pouting can be a pain in the ass at times but we all fish with rules..or at least the decent ones do....i felt like throwing the tossers bucket in the sea (with him still attached to it),anyway got a 12 hour session this coming saturday on the breakwater (weather permitting) so fingers crossed.... B-)

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Post by shannock »

some people will eat anything

well done and good luck for next time

cheers steve

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Post by edloc69 »

thanks for the report mate

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I promised my son i would take him sea fishing during the school hols, was going to take him out on the breakwater yesterday. but due to the terrible weather could,nt go. checked the weather for today (11-8) I thought i know i,ll take him down to the admiralty, should'nt be busy after all it's mon and used to always catch a few fish off there. last time i went there was about 6-7 years ago. so after a 75 mile drive and buying 20 quids worth of bait arrived at the pier at 8-15, and as i stepped on to the pier i could'nt believe my eyes, it was packed. so i thought never mind we're here now and decided to fish the only place left, right on the first bend. i wish i had just thrown my bait in the water and gone home. there was 3 fellas come walking past me about 9-30 and explained they had had enough already as they was sick of untangling their lines from sets of feathers. About 10 o'clock i had a walk up the pier and was amazed me and my son was the only white english on there ( AND NO I'M NOT RACIALLY PREJUDICED) as the day went on it just got worse and worse, there was kids running around everywhere, all kinds of rubbish blowing down the pier, screaming and shouting at one another. it was more like being at a chimps tea party. And then the creme de le creme a nappy bag with dirty nappy inside come floating by (lovely) this along with the fact the 2 blokes about 20ft up from me taking it in turns to cast the 7 rods they had between them which meant we spent most of the day fishing down the wall, and the rancid smell of urine was enough for me. so we packed up and come home. on the way out i asked the bloke in the kiosk why the extension was closed and was told they have to shut it down when there's a cruise ship in, because the people on the ships kept complaining about people uranating over the railings. I'm afraid i'm one person who will never be going back there. and i'm sure there's a lot of others who feel the same.

so if you have any plans of visiting this venue DON'T BOTHER

absolutely disgusting venue :(( :((

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Post by 4CodsSake »

Hence why my rods never come out this time of year!!

Personaly I find Oct onwards far better for less people and alot better fishing, more species and better conditions. Just my thoughts!!

Sorry your day wasent good

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Post by chrisandboys »

Sorry to hear you had a bad day out Frankit. The Admiralty stinks of P even in the middle of winter. I drove past it at 6.30am a couple of weeks ago and it looked as though it was heaving even then. I think there is a minimum age for taking your lad on the breakwater. There are plenty of much nicer quiet places nearby ...

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Post by will93 »

Shame you didnt get the smut or bass mate, it hasnt been to great on there this year. oh well maybe next time #:-S


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Post by funkykebab »

Me and a mate always come down from London to the pier, but had some bad vibes there the past couple of times.

So now we load up at Brazils and go to Samphire Hoe, lose a little more gear (sometimes!) but generally a nicer crowd.

I am thinking of coming own on Thursday on my Jacks for some piece and quite if anyone is about!


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Post by Union-jack »

Shame your day was ruined. Would suggest trying some of the local beaches or Deal Pier next time. Deal pier can be quiet but at least its clean and folks make use of the facilities. If you go on the pier you just have to resist the urge to cast out or lose your gear on a snag.

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