Fishing near westgate

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Fishing near westgate

Post by cchelios »

hello i wondered if there is anyone out there that can help me? I live in westgate kent and wondered if there is any good fishing points near to me, also as i have not been fishing for years but am looking to get back into it, any advice on bait and possible catches would be great...


Post by bill-bao »

Hello cchelios, the first thing you will notice, is the lack of fish these days. There are a few tiddlers around, but not so many as even 10 years ago.
Don't let that put you off though, it's still enjoyable.
My Nephew lives in Westgate, I like it there.
I think you will find local knowledge best, someone will soon post advice. I know they catch Bass off the chalk ledges in the Summer, rays at Reculver, so possibly Westgate too. I think some Codling have been caught at Westgate this Winter.
Your big advantage is living right by the sea, you can pick the best times to go fishing, lucky devil!
Baits are the same as ever, but try fresh live mussel from a supermarket, cheap and a good bait for most fish.
Best of luck.

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