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English Channel Report 14/6/2015 - And a new species for me!

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 2:34 pm
by Judgegeoff
Yesterday, together with 2 friends (Dave and his son Tim), we participated in our Fishing Club's June Competition - 'Heaviest Fish'. As we had been unable to fish last month's competition ('Heaviest Bass') due to windy conditions, we decided to run the two competitions together.

We launched Dave's Warrior 175 boat from Dymchurch on an incoming tide at about 6:45am and the competition started promptly at 7:00am. We headed straight for the Varne bank and tried catching sandeels for bait, using shrimp rigs with tiny hooks. The eels were not really co-operating although we caught plenty of lesser weaver fish between the odd sandeel. All of a sudden my 10lb class rod bucked wildly and I assumed that I had hooked several mackerel. When I wound up to the surface I found that I had caught my first bass in over 60 years of sea angling (most of it in the North West I should add). It only weighed 2lbs 3 oz I think, but I was absolutely delighted as the bass has eluded me for far too long. I was amazed that the tiny size 6 hook held!

We left the Varne Bank with only half the sandeels that we had hoped for and then tried drifting over three different wrecks. I did not have any more luck with the bass, but Dave and Tim caught their quota of three each.

On the way back we anchored in one of the inshore marks, in the hope of catching a thornback ray or two, but despite trying mackerel, lugworm and ragworm, we had no luck at all.

We returned to Dymchurch at 2:30pm and I was delighted to hear, at the weigh in, that Dave and Tim had won the heaviest bass and heaviest fish prizes. I am somewhat disabled and owe a lot to Dave and Tim as they have helped me a lot and have allowed me to carry on with my hobby! Cheers chaps!

Here are links to 3 photos of our day :- ... 1434291791 ... 1434291788 ... 1434291791

Sea bass fillets for dinner tonight and a couple more in the freezer - mmmm. Let us hope that 2015 is a bumper year for Channel bass!

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 3:14 pm
by Yakdiver
Some lovely bass there well done