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Where's fishing the best - Seaford/Brighton/Hove/Shoreham ?

Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2013 11:03 pm
by busadon
Hi all,
Not been able to get out and sea fish for quite a while (been carp fishing on hols though!) , need to get down there !
Would like some up to date info' on where's best to fish at the moment.
Was thinking of fishing Monday night coming at iether Seaford/Brighton/Hove or Shoreham/Lancing way for some flatties on the day tide with some rag'.
Should be just right with the wind calming down for a while and the wind turning round, should flatten it out a bit !
Only thing that could ruin it would be the weed if theirs a lot floating about. Not been down there to have a look during this rough weather, expect there's more Shoreham way than Seaford as usual.
Can some of you guys let me know about the weed situation and if any of you have had much from these venues lately if you've been giving it a go ?
Many thanks in advance.
Busadon. ;) ;)