Oh well - You're stuck with me!!!

anything South East coast sea fishing related here
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Oh well - You're stuck with me!!!

Post by colinthefish »

Was hoping to be transferred to the Southwest with work and have been kept waiting for the confirmation from work for 2 months.

Well I got the answer from work - and as I guess you worked out things didnt go to plan...

Firstly, they told me the position I had been pencilled in for was no longer available due to a restructure...

Oh and for good measure...

They are making me redundant. Cheers!!!

Guess that means you are stuck with me here in the Southeast - just need to find a new job and definitely do some more fishing.

Will need to learn how to dig my own lug - that could be a whole new experience!!!

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Post by dabhand »

too bad colin, life can certainly be a bitch sometimes lol
fishing wise , things are picking up now, had my first whiting in the medway last week.
if you wanna session out mate just let us know

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Post by eccles »

Always dig me own lug Colin, it ain't difficult:
1. Go to nearest harbour or estuary at low tide with a decent fork - longer the tines are the better.
2. Walk out and look for worm casts - little curly piles of sand or mud.
3. Dig the fork well in near one or two of those piles; lift the sod out and break it apart. If you don't find a worm repeat nearby.
Depending on what you are digging into you will eventually find a worm. With soft sand you may have to dig deeper but where there is shingle or gravel they are often nearer the surface.
4. If you can't see any of those little piles on the surface, there ain't any lug, go elsewhere.
BTW, they will keep in clean sea water for up to three days in the bottom of the fridge and don't try freezing them - they just turn to mush when thawed out.

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