poor fishing getting worse year on year whats going on

anything South East coast sea fishing related here
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poor fishing getting worse year on year whats going on

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i cant say much on were you go fishing put over here in blackpool its just as quiet with only a few fish bing caught at the moment like dabs and flounder andthe odd codling if our lucky another month or so and the bass should start to show again followed by the dog fish so you could say we are in between seasons .

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I think the short answer to your question is no. It is not a cycle I regret to say; the seas are overexploited and I find it hard to see how this will change.

Commercial fishing still kills too many fish. The current controls have proved ineffective; there was a piece of the radio the other day that reported how a successful cod year-class (2007 iirc) has already been effectively wiped out. Attempts are being made in the EU to improve marine fisheries management but we will have to wait and see whether anything good comes of these.

But there is little backing from sea anglers it seems to me, even though it is in our interests. You don't have to look far on the internet to find anglers who loudly and broadly condemn Europe, scientists, the Angling Trust - even the survey of anglers' catches that commenced recently.

Paranoia and strong commercial interests rule the roost I'm afraid. I hate to say it but I am very pessimistic about the future of fish stocks. Hopefully I'll turn out to be wrong.

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like you mate i have been sea fishing all my life, over 25 years of beach fishing. i live in medway and the decline in flounder numbers in the medway and thames estuary is shocking.
i get really excited when i catch one now yet 20 years ago i wished for a diferent species as they were so common.
i dont think it is all doom and gloom though as the whiting numbers in kent this year have been one of the best in years, doggies are still prolific in certain areas.
schoolie bass, although small are also quite prolific in the medway and thames estuary.
i think a lot has to do with getting the tides, weather, knowing where to fish and timing and a bit of luck. get all these right and you will still catch fish.
personally for me though, although catching is good....it is the getting out in the fresh air, the escape from the wife and kids! and having fun!!
i think far too many people take fishing to seriously, to me it is a fun hobby and catching is a bonus. " i fish most weekends"

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