Whitstable Charter Enquiry

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Whitstable Charter Enquiry

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Planning a fishing charter in April to go bass hunting. Ive heard the sea forts off whitstable are a prime location to find these beauties as apparently it is used as a spawning site by the bass in the spring.

I havent been able to find any boats advertising on the net that go round this way from whitstable. I know a lot at ramsgate that will go round this way but its a 3 hour round trip and thats a lot of wasted fishing time.

Can anyone pass some contacts that set off from the herne bay/whitstable area if any?

Many thanks for any replies!

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i fella no charters out of whitstable. comercial only. check the following link to kent coastal fishing

deals mainly with herne bay area, has great catch reports, boat and shore.
if you click on links on left theres 7 or 8 charter boat sites for the area.
hope this helps.
dont forget to post us a report of how you got on, who you went wih n most important what you caught. ;) there are some excellent marks between ramsgate and the forts. you dont have to go far out of ramsgate to be on the fish. depends what youre after

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hi matey, Your best bet for info u need is to give Ron Edwards bait and tackle at herne bay a ring, who will always give very helpfull advice.His adress is 50/52 high st herne bay kent c t 6 5 l h. Tel No:01227 372517.Ihave always found his advice genuine and his bait good quality The towers you refer to are known as the shiverig sands and were built at start 1942 and finished in dec 1943 and used as air defenc and early warning of german bombers following the thames to londnr

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