Rushenden Bay, Isle of Sheppey. Report Sunday 16th Oct

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Rushenden Bay, Isle of Sheppey. Report Sunday 16th Oct

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Decided to use up the remaining bait and fish local and light. I seem to be taking everything barr the kitchen sink, so threw together a small tackle box with the aim being to "Grab & Go".

Well it worked a treat today - although I used a multiplier that I had bought 3 years ago but never used and the brake didn't seem very good - and birds nested 4th cast. So out came a 25 year old fixed spool that I had put in the tackle box with some new line on it for just such situations.

Fished from 2pm (HT 3.40pm) until 5pm.

At first the session was off to a bad start when 2 young kids decided to start throwing stones in the bay about 10ft from where I was fishing. Several polite requests for them to stop or move away later, my patience run out... So I told them if they done it again, I might just throw their bikes in the bay. They moved on! Not proud of that but it was effective.
Then a dog walker started throwing a stick for his dog to paddle out and fetch. Finally it was just me.

Fished Lug and Rag on a 3 hook flapper.

Fish count - 1 very small Skool Bass, 2 skool Bass and 1 bass just under size. All returned safely.

4 Bass in a 3 hour session just to use bait up - very happy!!!

Packed up as tide was going out fast and 3 local kids were badgering me with their senseless waffle.

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welldone on the schoolies colin. it sounds like you had a good 3 days fishing, despite the kids, snags, birds nests etc lol. we will have to meet up again soon for a session. i am fishing allhallows this weekend evening with my brother and dcm, steve, if you fancy coming over to grain.


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hi colin
well done on the bass .as gary says it would be good to meet up on saturday if you could make it
cheers steve

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