they should be banned !!

anything South East coast sea fishing related here
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they should be banned !!

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my apologies to the politicaly correct :P ,but we fished ramsgate sat night,calm sea,calm wind,every thing calm ,except us, 9 rods between-us ,lug rag and crab more bait then you could shake a stick at, and could not catch a thing ,and then our worse nightmare happens..........a female yep thats right !!! a WOMEN turns up starts fishing :-O we all have a good laugh and find it very amusing ,but we soon stop laughing as she starts catching bass after bass, eels and to rub it in a nice doggie.........and we go home feeling rather sheepish and calm,and all of us making a vow,not to tell our wives :(

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lol great report. I was thinking here we go its one of those threads. But it made me chuckle ;)

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nice report mate. theres been many a time my wife has outfished me when we have freshwater fished. must be their pheromones scent on the bait

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But you posted it on here???? DOH!!!

LOL - I think they call it Sods Law!!!

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Think yourself lucky!! There's nowt worse than teaching a 9yr old and a 10yr old the gentle art of fishing only to be outfished by the pair of them at a rate of 4 to 1 in their favour. That was 7yrs ago and I am still smarting from the humiliation especially when they bring up the suject with their mates when in my company X( X( X(
keith :D :D


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you mean to say you dident offer to bye the lady a cup of tea and the sit down and cheek her yacktics out :D :D :D
cheers steve

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