swanscombe Sunday

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swanscombe Sunday

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Me and my boy Dougie had a ride out to the point and fished by the ligthouse for the last 3 hrs of the flood,i had a sml bass of just under a 1lb and Dougie an eel of 1 1/2 lb. At HT (6pm) we moved around to the East side in front of the ballast yard where it is sandy hoping for some sole but we only had flounders,2 for me and 1 for Dougie.We fished until 8.30 under a lovely sunset and had a fun ride back to the car as i forgot to take any lights .


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hi lee
you just cant keep away from swanscombe i see . well done to you both on the catch
cheers steve

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Hello Shadow, How do you get to swanscombe point ? i have walked from ingress park before and got to the little harbour with me boy but it was one hell of a walk !!

Can you drive on? i've seen cars before but not had the chance to ask how they got on.


The Phantom

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