Dungeness 20/01/2011

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Dungeness 20/01/2011

Post by Snagger »

Hi All,

due to the birth of my Grandson yesterday Myself and my Bro-in-law Jimmy

are going down to Dungrness today, a full report will follow.

Tim B-)


Post by dontcatchmuch »

congreates and and bset wishes to all mate


Post by joliroger »

Congrats on your new arrival.........JOLI :D

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Post by tinny »

Congratulations tim if you fish by the boats be aware of the steel wire anchor lines i think this might of been the reason roy and lenny lost so many rigs as the tide goes out cast in opposite direction if your on the left of the boats good luck


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Post by Mick99 »

Congratulations and and bset wishes to you and your family all the best


Post by beefy »

congratulations on the grand kid! i wish my kids would get of their a***ses so to speak and give me a grandkid, :(( by the time i get one they will be pushing me around the park instead :-w :-w



Post by Snagger »

Thanks everyone,

Well Jimmy and I got to Dungeness , and decided to give it a try between the

boats, the wind was a joke like being at the North Pole it was so bloody cold,

very overcast, loads of weed, and the rubbish we were getting round our lines

was untrue, plastic bags, bits of plastic sheeting and even a pair of shorts

would you believe :-
Battling the rough sea:-
my tiny whiting:-
Jimmy's Dab 27cm:-

we only fished for about 4hrs and decided to give it up as a bad job,

after reading all the reports for the last couple off weeks we were very

disappointed with our 1st session at Dungy, but we will be returning there

in the near for another bash. :D :D :D

Tim B-)

Ps:- See you all at the 1st comp, :) :) :)

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Post by robc22 »

well at least you did not get skunked......good luck on the little one........



Post by ducker »

hi tim
congrats on your new grand son hope every thing is ok
icant believe that roy and i had such a good day at dungy i day later bad reports in all onisty roy and i did have 54 fish between us i dont get it


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Post by Cabrat »

Thats it Lenny you tell him how it is mate

There's fishermen and of Snaggersaurus the boxer shorts fisherman

Those don't count on any competitions mate sorry




Post by Snagger »

Hi Lenny,

The weather was completely different on the Thursday, and there were no

sprats in the water, therefore fish had prob moved down to where ever the

sprats/food was.

Hi Dave,

as it goes me old mucker the shorts were on Jimmy's gear not mine.

See you all on the 29th,

Tim B-)

Ps:- I gave Roy a bell today as I recon the next good day for a bash at

Dungy is gona be Monday 31st, if it still looks good as far as the weather

goes that will be my next session down there. :D :D :D :D



Post by ducker »

ithnk you must be wearing your shorts over your head on my 2011 calender
29/o1/11 is a saturday not sunday as stated deeerrrrrr


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