Which Reel

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Which Reel

Post by pancho »

thinking of adding to my kit either

Abu 6500 C3 CT Mag Elite ( Green one )

or the

Diawa 7HT Mag

anyone got these reels what do you think or are there any better reels out there


whot reel

Post by ducker »

hi pancho

i have got a7ht daiwa had it for a few years good for light work no good to lift heavy fish i also have penn 525 penn525mag xtra and new penn mark 2 great reels 6-1retrieve great to cast with very robust worth a look good luck


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Post by baitman »

hi poncho i have two off the abu mags [the green ones] an the diawa 7 ht had them years i prefer the mags but the new 7 ht look good guess its up two your preffence ... only you can choose..good luck baitman



Post by Snagger »

Hi ,

I have ABU Reels,

2 x 6500 c3 ct mag ellite 5.3.1

2 x 6501 c4 6.3.1

fantastic reels,

have had a Daiwa 7ht +Penn 525, not over impressed, and found the 525 a

bit on the bulky side. Th 252 would be better for rough ground I recon.

Tim B-)

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Post by tinny »

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Post by jeffro »

Personally, I would go for the daiwa 7HT Mag. The casting and retrieve are both good.

The Penn 525 Mag is also good and the retrieve is supurb.

The Abu 6500's are good reels although the retrieve is crap. If you are fishing over snaggy ground you will be lucky not to lose rigs. They have always been great reels for casting but the conditions must be right.

Go for a 7HT Mag or if to expensive a new Penn 515 or 525 Mag 2.

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