Allhallows 20/11 With "dontcatchmuch"

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Allhallows 20/11 With "dontcatchmuch"

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Met up with "dontcatchmuch" Steve fo a quick session on his "home from home" beach.
Set up about 10ish, HT about 11,30. Got some last minute black lug and squid. Steve had some fantastic rag he bought online, will def give this bait shop a try.
Used a two hook flapper and a pennel pulley, which I had to buy due to oversleeping this morning, ( one, or maybe two too many last night!).

Anyway wasn't so much don't catch much as don't catch anything!!!
Not even a bite. Thought there would at least be a whiting or two.

Steve is out again tonight at the same spot and I'm sure he will do better on the night tide.

Good meeting up with Steve, face to a name and all that. Top bloke and a good chat.

He did make me think how lucky I am as we chatted about venues. Steve can no longer drive due to disability. Most the venues I fish are remote by public transport and tough to get to if your able bodied. Never really thought how important a car is for fishing.

I wish him all the very best as moderator for the disabled forum.

Happy fishing to all

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hi mate, shame you both blanked, that is unusual for allhallows.

i totally agree you about the disabled. we are lucky we can get to these places where steve cant and others in his position cant. we will all have to meet up soon for a session


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well martin has already given the report ,nout not even a bite .but thats not what it,s always about cos as he says it,s good to meet new peaple and put faces to names ,a real plesure to meet you martin .the ragworm came from . as to going again saturday night it never happend i got to warm and cosy in front of the fire :D i blame martin as he texted me and ask if i fancyed a trip out on sunday on the medway and if so he would pick me up ,my excuse and im sticking to it .
i would like to thank mulletover (martin) ,dabhand (gary) and every one else for there help and suport re the disabled forum so far
THANK YOU PLEASE KEEP IT COMING . yep a meet up sounds good to me gary

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