Bartons Point 13/11/2010

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Bartons Point 13/11/2010

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hit the beach 13:30 ht 15:25took my boy for the first time. set up two rods 1 running lead, 1 two hook flapper 1 up 1 down, bait massive lug (thanks to mark 11 angling crayford)and some smelly squid refroze from my last trip. :-& . first cast on flapper produced the smallest yting i have ever seen ( just two eyes and a bum) then my sons rod went crazy, he landed his first ever fish and a decent yting as well, both rods were bouncing all the way to ht, then it died, 1/2 hour after my sons rod gets a blinding slack liner he struck and says its stuck after i got it free (as i thought) the dam thing bent double, i give him back the rod, after a struggle with him trying to wind it in i could have slaped him, up to the beach comes a lovely codling of about 5 lb, :(( :(( ~X( the next two hours see nothing but yting, packed up at 19:30 with the sound of my son banging on about when we going again X( X( ,did take a photo but can hardly see it :-O , i might take him again but tie him to his chair. enjoyed the session and a bit of time with my boy but i havent had a cod for nearly TWO YEARS :(( :(( :(( .

brian (beefy)


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Excellant report Brian,and what a fish for your boy to get.Well done

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Well done young fella on the codling, what a great start, but it isnt always that good. Well done dad on getting another newbie to our great sport. A great report too. Steve.

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welldone to your boy on his codling. sounds like you had a great session

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good report beefy, nice 1 on the codling

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Nice to hear there are some codling around, well done to your son!
Sounded like a great session


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hi brian well done and a bigger well done to the lad .if he dosent want to come next time :D :D ill be your lad for the day with fis like that :D :D

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