Medway City Estate 09/12/09 .

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Medway City Estate 09/12/09 .

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Hi all , me and my son fished the Estate last night from about 1600 - 2000 . Great weather . not cold and no wind . The usual tide rip came through until high water where it slacked off then ripped the other way so uptide casting was the order of the day to get the sinker to hold . i was fishing 2 rods one with a 2 boom rig and size 1 hooks baited with lug and squid tentacles the other with a pennel with size 3/0 hooks baited with squid / lug wrap .The boy was fishing a 2 hook paternoster and pennel rig both with squid and lug cocktails . The end result ..........Whiting , whiting and more whiting . i even has a big whiting on the lug / squid wrap . 99 % of the fish were sizable with a few big fish thrown in which put a nice bend in the rod when you have 2 on at a time which was a regular occurance . If it's constant fishing you want with a chance of codling you could do a lot worse than fishing here. Hopefully when the weather chills down the codling will run but for the minute the whiting are there to amuse .Hopes this is usefull. Tight lines all :) :) :)

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Hi PT, good report, keep them coming, especially when mr cod arrives. Cheers..Mick

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Well done mate thats what we like to hear, (fish being caught)
keith :D :D

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Great report thanks for posting :)


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well done mate

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Sounds like a goodun

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