Help : could it be mackerels in seaford !! :O

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Help : could it be mackerels in seaford !! :O

Post by anglerwarehouse »

Hey ,

Need advice been fishing for many years now but a begginers question to the more experienced

What is the chances of mackrel on tuesday the 14th of july here are the conditions , going to start fishing round 6 -6.30 till about 9 high tide is 16:11 and the low tide is 22:30 weather is meant to be sunny evening and a slight breeze in the air and once again any luck of mackerel being caught ??

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Post by TonyDeal »

From my experience, and from what others tell me, the chance of getting some mackerel depends on the clarity of the water. When the water is coloured the shoals tend to stay in the deeper water. When its clear, they follow the whitebait and come inshore. Good luck!

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Post by Harwoody »

I know its a very late reply and hoping you had some luck.

I just wanted to say that Seaford beach as well as Newhaven (the two main places Ive fished) can be rather unpredictable. You can catch mackerel in all kinds of weather. During the rain, sun, thunderstorms (certainly not advisable but were kids and will do anything). Admittedly you do catch a lot more during ideal conditions: warm water, hightide often in the evening, flat surface. But you can catch the odd one or two drifting by.

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