Pumping Lug

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Pumping Lug

Post by dolphin »

Hi all. i decided to purchase a lugging pump recently, having decided that digging with a lug spade was extremely tiring. I also felt that i had excavated and remoulded enough of the south coast with my ratio of 1 worm per 100 digs (well it felt like it at the time). Ha anyone any advice on best practice when using a small bore pump. i tried it out a couple of times and although i got enough for a session fishing, i had more misses than hits!

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Post by ciderfisher »

Hi, I'm at the same place with lug pumping. I've trawled the web for a how to on lug pumping, but nothing seems to help. I too seem to expend a lot of sweat over a few lug.

There must be a knack, otherwise the guys doing it every day would give up.

Is it how you pump them, how deep you go, or where you pump????

Help.....I now have a right arm like Arnold Sweatyknickers, but only a few bait worthy lug!!!!!

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Me n rabbi2 went with a lug pumper, he placed it about 6 inches or so away from the cast, pointing it at an angle to a point about 12inch or so beneath the cast, then pulled on the handle allowing the suction to do the work, then very quickly removed it pumped the sand out and replaced it to pump a second time, he usually got the lug second pump. the secret being to let the suction do the work, and not try to push the pump down. also be fast, no dawdling. its a bit vague but might help. Cheers..Mick

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Post by 4CodsSake »

I could never get on with a pump, and I can dig 3 times as many with a very small spade. Yes it can be tiring but at least you get the worms :)


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Re: Pumping Lug

Post by findus »

hi dolphin

try going in about 3ins down tide of the cast as you go in pull the pump handle up and you will see the middle of the hole go in don't go any deeper now you have found the tube that the worm lives in now pump, if you go in again try not to go any deeper. the best time to go pumping black lug is when the air pressure is low as high pressure makes the worm go deeper .
when i first went to pump lug i got about 10 worms in 2hrs now after trying different ways i can get more then a 100 in less then 1hr just don,t give up at the first go just keep trying and it will come


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