Hampton Pier.....The New Gobi Desert!

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Hampton Pier.....The New Gobi Desert!

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Fellow Anglers,

I "Fished" this "mark" this morning 2 hours pre high tide 1.5 hours after.

Used a surf rod with a twin flapper carrying lug, peeler and mack strips. Change to small hooked flapper, and two boom paternoster carrying same bait, and worked just behind the surf line. Even used a light rod to spin a Dexter Wedge and some new poppers, and feathers.

I noted another optimist stood there casting feathers in the vain hope of pulling a few mackies for a weekend BBQ. At least he didn't waste his bait. :-S

I'd have more chance catching a fish in the Gobi.
Gonna find me a recipe for lug, peeler and mackeral pie.
Sick of throwing more into that sea than I take out!

(God, those last three lines read like a verse from the Angler's Blues.... was it Muddy Waters?) B-) No, it was quite clear , really.

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