Catch Report Minnis Bay 24th April.

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Catch Report Minnis Bay 24th April.

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I laughingly call this a catch report; perhaps a Blank Report would be more appropriate. With 2 rods, 40 black lug, a small clutch of peelers, and a fist full of blueies, my Son and I spent around four, relative enjoyable hours, impaling various pieces of fish-matter on hooks and casting them into, what turned out to be, a barren stretch of Minnis Bay. Earlier in the evening, at low tide, the mark looked optimistic - nice shallow pools full of life, plenty of worm casts scattered around, relatively snag-free, and a mild East wind parading along the coast line.
My friendly purveyor of bait (Bay Anging Herne Bay) said "Minnis is getting some good reports....few nice skate and even an early bass".
We cast long - we cast short. We tried 2 hook flappers, bombers, pennels....I even free-lining a chunk of crab. All came back as pristine as they left us (save a little casting damage).
I might as well tried casting out across the car park for all the luck we had.
Nothing. Nil. Niente. Zilch.
Anyone want some fishing kit? Will swap for Dentistry Set for Hens Teeth or Unicorn Horn Trimmer. Both are guaranteed to bring more success & pleasure to both me and my son! :P

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unlucky mate, im having those sessions good read tho :)

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