Report Admiralty & Shakespear beach 17-2

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Report Admiralty & Shakespear beach 17-2

Post by Realytangled »

Well fished admiralty 12.00 till 16.00 forgot it closes at 16.00 X( . Catch was 1 crab, 1 starfish, 1 tiny whiting smaller than crab or starfish :( still at least not a blank.

Decided to fish Shakespeare beach watched 2 guys fishing there from pier, fished till 19.00 not even a knock, thanks to the 2 guys who left about 16.45 have more lug left than I started with. Can't fish till Friday so going to try salting them :> :> :>


Looking across to Dover breakwater

Blank saving whiting

Shakespear beach

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Post by mulletover »

Put it all together you'd have fruite du mere!!!
Sorry it didn't fish well but we live and learn!!!

I read an article in Sea Angler magazine by Shane Pullen about Dengemarsh.
I've fished it with no joy at all, apart from mackeral in the summer. He goes there in daytime and catches decent codling! He knows if the wind is in this direction today and that direction tomorrow there will be fish. Experience counts I guess and I wish I was at that level.
But then that's what keeps me fascinated in the sport, so much to learn!

Better luck next time!


Post by GaryBadd »

Cheers for the report mate and thanks you for the pic's ;)


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Post by jay180 »

from the pics it looks like the weather was kind even the fish wern't.... next time u go there could be a different stort, none stop fish ;)

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