Dover tomorrow 17th Admiralty/shakespear/prince of wales????

anything South East coast sea fishing related here
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Dover tomorrow 17th Admiralty/shakespear/prince of wales????

Post by Realytangled »

Off to Dover tomorrow not sure what venue, favor Admiralty and heard some good reports any information would be appreciated. :)


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Think I'd fish Admiralty over Prince of Wales everytime!
Read that the breakwater is good, although never done it as you have to get a boat out to it which leaves about 8.30 and collects about 3.30, although check the net for actual times, details etc. Problem is you are stuck there til the boat returns!!!
Tide run on Admiralty can be a problem, it can be fierce! But it will bring more fish than POW.
Bill's Tackle is very near the pier and they will have good advice.
Good Luck!

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hi pete
havent fished addy for a few need 8 oz big grapnel weights to hold when the tide is running,and its best to walk about 30 yard and cast into the tide walk back to where your fishing letting out will see your rod bend as the lead takes hold.practice will tell how much line you let out.baits lug lug and squid,yellowtail lug if you can get some.this is a cracking venue and a 50 yard cast will put you on fish.

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hello peter, me an me mate used to be regular on the AD pier, not been since july.... if the tide is a spring tide its gonna rip hard an fast, if its the neap tides it will still rip but will be more bearable....the rip tide is usually 2 hours either side high if i remember right.. when you come on the pier walk upto the 1st bend, this is flatties corner.. we have done well here on a 3up rig using all type of worm baits catching whiting, pouting, rockling, dab, plaice, sole, bass, flounder, codling an dogfish... if u are using 2 rods i always have my second out with a big squid bait for the bigger doggies an cod.. if u r having no joy, i found putting a single hook on and using a plain 6oz led dropped over the side, when it hits bottom reel up a few turns an slowly lift the bait up an down, (RAG) an found this catches pout, pollock, wrasse an if u r using a small size 4 hook there is a whole host of weird species down there u dont often see elsewhere..use long wire grippers an carry a few 8oz leds, if u struggle to hold, use a 6oz an add an additional 3oz or 4oz plain bomb to bulk up the weight...
proceeding round the bend head towards the cafe/toilets... before u reach the narrow walkway before the toilets there is a good spot called the knuckle, its roughly around the last 2 benches, beware tho as this is snaggy at times but can pay with the better fish... i normally load up with 30lb mainline to a 3 way swivel, swivel to led is 20lb line with a couple of knots along the snood, hooklink is also 20lb, if u hook a decent fish an the led gets snagged u wil break away an land the fish.... i had good codling an dogfish from this spot an have seen decent smoothound as well in the summer, once i saw 3 smoothies in late december, so you never know whats gonna turn up... tide can run hard here to...
going past the toilets onto the last section is where you can really get some fierce tide.... a lot of areas are snaggy but there a few which are not bad, head along the section until u reach level with the big building to your left, this area i have found to be the least snaggiest... you will catch all the species mentioned on the 1st section but have found this 2nd section tends to produce the better fish....u will probably notice more snags when the tide is running fast.. good luck an hope you have a good 1...

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Good luck Pete ;)

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