Herne bay

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Herne bay

Post by chaz123 »

Hi all just been fishing of herne bay pier didnt catch a single fish i was using squid. is there anything better that i can use. thanks

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Post by surfingeagle »

Hi Chas. i usually use small strips of mackerel on a 3 hook flapper with size 4 hooks on neptune. you wont get anything big on it but its better than blanking. i normally get dabs and whiting on it. i always use 2 rods with the other rod rigged up with a pennel pulley setup and a bigger lump of mackerel on it just in case i get lucky. hope this is of help mate. :)

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Post by hythespirit »

the best bait is peeler crab or
dig some lug or buy some,
or next best rag worm
tip with squid,
always a good bait.
lastly fish at night much better results,


Post by mld »

To be honest mate, Herne Bay is no longer a good venue. It used to be 40 years ago, not anymore. Better off on the other coast, fishing in the channel.
If you have to fish there, do it at night, fish near the rocks at Hampton Jetty, and use a big peeler or mussel/mackerel/bait for Bass.

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