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Ghost Town

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The moment we came round the corner and I saw the bay for the first time, I knew that I should have listened to Tom Lambert all those months ago when he told me that we HAD to fish the new mark he had discovered. The bay was nice as bays go but it was rather the contents of the bay which had my pulse racing. An armada of fins and tails pricked the glassy surface, swirling and slashing as they chased down invisible prey. Tom went to cover the nearest group while a large, flapping tail some 50 meters distant caught my attention. A tailing fish grubbed for food, snout hard to the sandy bottom and I had to blink to make sure that I was about to cast to a mullet in the aquamarine water, rather than a tailing bone.
The fish sat ten feet from shore in a foot of water and I figured that the flies would need to pass close to the bed and in the mullet's direct line of vision. Third cast delivered the flies perfectly and the large tail slid beneath the surface seconds before the fly line came to life. The first screaming run took me well in to the backing and I knew this would be no five minute contest.


Constant pressure from the 5wt began to tell and following twenty minutes of arm aching battle a thick lipped mullet nudging 5lb in weight tumbled into the net, another victim to the Spectra Shrimp.


By now the tide had ebbed from the bay and the fish with it. Tom and I decided to walk the coast in search of feeding fish. After fifteen minutes we stopped in our tracks. Several groups of fish splashed and swirled in the margins and we unhooked the flies in double quick time. The fish were feeding hard in around eighteen inches of water and the blinding silver flashes as they turned their flanks to strike suggested golden greys. This time it was the red headed diawl bach which was seized unceremoniously and the fish's identity was confirmed a short while later as I pressured the fish to shore. The mullet's head broke the surface and I could clearly see the red beads of the diawl bach protruding from the left hand corner of its mouth. I could also see the gold spot on the gill plate and the fact that the fish was easily 3lb in weight. Upon seeing the approach of dry land the fish managed to turn and produce an astonishing burst of speed, straightening the hook in the process.


Finding water roughly a foot in depth is key to finding the shoals and with the advancing tide claiming the shallows, we went in search of new ground. The next bay provided water of the ideal depth and the mullet were already in attendance. Silently, I waded towards a particularly boisterous group, their bright silver flanks reflecting the light of the sun as it peeped from behind a bank of sea mist. A five weight outfit provides a definite advantage over heavier set ups when fishing ultra clear, shallow water and rarely spooks feeding mullet. The water boiled within a short cast away and I dropped the flies into the commotion. Following a few short strips of the fly line I saw a silver blur as a fish hammered the point fly and a few minutes later a spritely golden grey of 1.5lb slid into the net. Although a decent fish, it was completely dwarfed by its hook straightening cousin.
My thanks again to Tom for generously sharing his mark.


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WoW well done

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Great post, many thanks for taking the time to post
Cheers keith :D :D

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Top post with quality pics! looks like it was a very relaxing / tranquil day.

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as usual col reat report and a nice golden grey.

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