Thick Lip Tuesday

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Thick Lip Tuesday

Post by MulletFly »

At last, some settled weather, albeit only briefly so.
Headed straight to a Solent mullet mark from work yesterday evening, in the hope that the improved weather might tempt a Thicky or two onto the flats.
Good numbers of individual fish could be seen cruising the upper layers but the tight, feeding shoals so beloved by the mullet fisher did not materialise. Eventually, after 3 hours of patient observation, the setting sun illuminated a flotilla of waving tails as an active shoal of mullet began tailing through the waves which rolled gently onto a gravel bar.
I missed the first take through over-excitement but calmed myself to make no mistake on the next cast. The mullet was small but full of energy and reminded me exactly why these fish have gained the accolade of 'British Bonefish'.
A UV Bloodworm, dressed on a size 12 light buzzer hook, brought the desired response.
As I write, the sky is darkening and stormy winds forecast oncemore. The stop-start season is about to stall again.


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Post by nthendpompey »

well done colin on the mullet,shame the weather is turning again.

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