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Early This Morning (20/6/12)

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:27 pm
by ballthebuilder
Well after waiting for seems an eternity for a bit of decent weather, I ventured out at 4am this morning. The forecast was for light easterlies, but it seemed more like north easterlies, a tad nippy. With a calm sea I made my way out to my usual mullet lies, spooking a shoal of small schoolies in the margin. That was all I saw on the ebb, though when the flood started I started to see the odd single fish jumping. They were out of casting range so I continued to cast speculatively to likely holding areas.

Thirty minutes later I saw a fish move over the other side of the gravel bar I was standing on. Making my way over, keeping my eyes peeled for movement, I cast at anything that looked remotely like fish movement. Arriving in the general area that I had seen the fish, I immediately saw some movement, then when the tail appeared, I knew it was feeding in no more than a foot of water and I was in with a chance. I managed to get closer and made a cast, not good enough. I made a second cast, let the flies sink, gave the line a small tug and the water erupted. Fish on, ripping line through my fingers, it headed straight out to sea and deeper water. It continued to take line and was soon on the reel, the drag was too slack so I adjusted that and let it run. Almost down to the backing, the line pressure on the hook hold was making me uneasy, so I made my way after it to get some line back. I managed to gain line and the fish seemed to calm down slightly in the deeper water. I played it for a few more minutes and it eventually came to the net, weighing in at 3.75lb, not one of the monsters that lurk at this mark, but no less welcome after the fish drought caused by the weather conditions.

A quick weigh and photos and she went back strongly after some nursing. I had to go after that and sods law, I saw fish moving everywhere on my way back to the car.

Now on looking at the photos, I think it may be a thin lip. I didn't look too closely at the time and presumed it was a thick. If it is a thin, it's my first one!

Cheers Dave



Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:48 pm
by nthendpompey
well done dave,good mornings swffing.
just got in from a evening session on hayling with simon,dam easterlies,nothing showing so home early.the weather really is up in the air ,no pun intended,at the moment.

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2012 9:04 pm
by MulletFly
Well done Dave, lovely fish. Looks like a Thick to me though :)